(Updated 16. April)


Cutlery (bestik): Gense “Old farmer” black colour

CoffeemachineMocca Master KBGC982 AO” in silver or white

Grill/Barbeque gas on a stand/table. For example Weber Q200.

Varmelampe / Heating lamp for balcony ,electrical, wall-mounted, small.



Automatic “knife sharpener” OBH. (OBH knivsliber)

Set of 3-5 knives for fruits and small vegetables. Blade length aprox. 5-7 cm.

Juicepresser / juicemachine (easy to clean/”dishwashable”)

Vacuum cleaner, Dyson DC62 Animal

Cash for our honeymoon

Picnic basket (with accessories for picnic bbq) (not the bbq itself)

Coffeecups. Rosendahl Gran Cru hot drink glas 24cl”.

Board/table games. (like Bezzerwizzer, Monopoly etc in English)

Towels. Black, sand or light brown colours.


Gift-vouchers for:

Inspiration (Danish shop)

HIFI-klubben (Danish shop)

Illums Bolighus (Danish shop)

Magasin (Danish shop)


Gourmet/restaurant experience


Gifts can be coordinated with Ulla (Carsten’s mum) on:

+45 2331 6529


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